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 "Creating a Culture of Everyday Coaching"
Julie Teahan


Creating Solutions and Harnessing Talent to Deliver Transformative Change

Julie is an evangelist for change. She creates environments where people and organizations thrive, where “families” are formed to deliver transformative and sustainable results.  For the past 20 years, she has been an organizational sherpa, using a combination of strategy, behavioral science, creativity, endless energy and coffee to help organizations navigate their journey to something better.  She is a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) and facilitator. 

Julie grew up in West Virginia where she learned three lessons: 1) everyone is a neighbor, 2) peaks and valleys work in concert together and 3) hard work is rewarding.  

As an alumnae of Loyola University of Maryland and an inductee to their prestigious Green and Grey Society, Julie still subscribes to the school’s motto of “Strong Truths Well Lived,” using her strengths for good.  Her graduate degree in Applied Behavioral Science has armed her with a mastery understanding of what influences behavior and how managing those influences can impact an organization.  

As the mother of 3 children, she is passionate about empowering individuals to make choices that optimize their personal and professional growth and allow them to live their best life.  She speaks frequently on a number of topics including: flexibility in the workplace, personal branding, creating high performance teams and the employee engagement.


50th Annual IPMA-HR Montgomery County Chapter Past Presidents' Event 

Thank you to those who helped us celebrate our annual
IPMA-HR MCC Past Presidents' Event! Over the past 50 years,
our chapter has been guided and shaped by insightful leadership
grounded in tradition, yet coupled with innovative conceptions.
This has pioneered
the route that has ultimately helped us
grow into the next generation of leaders.
We would also like to extend a very special thank you to the
Golden Key Group,
specifically, Gretchen McCracken, CEO,
and Janet Clement, COO, for sponsoring
our Chapters’
Past Presidents’ Event for the Fourth consecutive year!
And lastly, thank you to our learning event speaker,
Chris McGoff, from The Clearing
for providing an enlightening
presentation on creating a performance-based environment.

IPMA-HR MCC Past Presidents and 2017/18 Executive Board


IPMA-HR MCC Past Presidents



Thank you to all those who contributed to our raffle!

Our chapter brightened the holidays for local children. 


Congratulations to the winners of the gift baskets!

Mike Moody 

Lucy Wang

 Lynn Pupkar (received by Kat)

 2017/2018 Executive Board (retreat)


 *To download the slide deck from Debra Chew's presentation,

click here: assets/documents/dchewsocial media 2-23-17 kg and dcc.pdf


2016/2017 Past Presidents' Event



Building a Culture of Engagement in Government: webinar presented by Bob Lavigna
To access recorded webinar, click here



Onboarding -- Connecting Beyond Day One!
Speaker: Dr. Marguerite Clarkson




2016 Member Appreciation Event