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Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Engaging Employees to Improve the Work Experience

"Private-sector companies have made tremendous headway improving the employee experience by using human-centered design, a problem-solving approach that more actively involves the people who are affected by the problem. Since it’s worked in the private sector, we decided to put it to the test in government. Read all about agencies’ key takeaways in our latest issue brief."

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Starting the Workforce Analytics Journey by IBM
"Five years ago in a Harvard Business Review article on how companies leveraged 
HR analytics for competitive advantage, my co-authors and I found only a small handful 
of companies to interview. Today, life is very different. Interest in analytics and storytelling
through data in HR is booming. But, HR as a whole is still learning how to set up an effective
analytics function. That is why I welcome thisreport. The first 100 days of any effort
is critical to success. Analytics is no different."
IBM Corporation


Boosting Employee Engagement to Boost Trust in Government
by Robert Lavigna
"...When I speak to groups about why government agencies and jurisdictions should measure
and improve employee engagement, I always hit at the “why it matters” question very hard.
That is, why should government focus on measuring and improving engagement?..."
Robert Lavigna


The MD-715 Barrier Analysis Process: The Answer To Organizational Success
by Golden Key Group
"...Let's start with the root cause analysis. This is just another term used to describe conducting a
thorough qualitative and quantitative organizational assessment. Diversity and inclusion should be
 approached the same manner as you would approach any other challenge you'd find in
 your organization..."
Golden Key Group (GKG)


Fast Take on Talent Innovation: Performance Management by PwC
 "...Conventional performance management has been linked to high levels of attrition,
low productivity and significant problems with collaboration1. And it’s far from an organizational
fan favorite. Most leaders are dissatisfied with their current performance management experience..."
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
A Different Approach To Improve Your Work Culture by Stewart Liff
"...The typical approach is to develop the organization’s supervisors with the
expectation/hope that if they are better trained, somehow morale will improve. In fact,
U.S. organizations spend over $160 billion on employee development, with the largest
percentage being spent on supervisory training. Yet each year, we tend to see relatively
little improvement in employee satisfaction scores for either government employees or
employees in general..."
Stewart Liff
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Message from the President . . . .

"...As President I plan to set forth and accomplish 3 strategic goals. #1. Improve membership engagement. I plan to increase our membership base by 30%. As we know, our members are our greatest asset and the ‘bloodline’ of this organization and that’s why I will focus our efforts on expanding membership and membership engagement. #2. Improve knowledge management. This entails streamlining some business processes and the transfer and sharing of information. #3. Continue to inspire innovation through our social media platforms and make it visible through our hosted programs and events. The only caveat is that we must have fun while doing it!..."

-Shekila Cole, Chapter President


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Topic of Interest

IPMA-HR Releases New HR2020 Report

"...The HR2020 framework contains the critical elements required to help HR professionals bring the future into focus. The framework does not specifically address the technical expertise of the HR profession; rather, the framework is intended to sit on the foundation of that body of knowledge. The framework creates a roadmap of how to build on technical knowledge to create a transformative roadmap and achieve organizational success..."

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Getting the Right People: How to Recruit and Retain Qualified Staff

by Neil Reichenberg

"Recruiting and retaining qualified staff remains the most important workforce issue for the second consecutive year, according to the findings of the 2016 Workforce Trends survey conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence. The survey, which is based on survey responses from the members of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) and the National Association of State Personnel Executives (NASPE), also found that jobs in finance are among those that state and local governments have the most difficult time filling..."

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